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Seigan Yamane Bowl The usual disclaimers come with this one. Everyone has their own Eshu, and each has his own specific demands. Some Eshu are even female as Ayizan, and for some Ayizan is his wife or twin. Customs and individual needs vary. So please feel free to adjust this recipe to your own needs.

French press method is a fast but reasonably good one. If you want to know how they make coffee in the region it is originally from, check Semlar Ghilwet’s video on how to make traditional Eritrean/Ethiopian coffee. This specific recipe is based somewhat on’s method. It’s just adapted to be suitable for the French press instead of a finjan.

The bowl in this photo, one of the special ones I use for beverage offerings, was crafted by the national treasure potter of Japan, Seigan Yamane. He makes very fine chawan and other tea cups, bowls, and pottery, but for the people. He has some breathtaking work.



  • Large French Press, A large French press holds enough for 3 to 4 standard glasses or 8 espresso cups.
  • Long Spoon, A dessert spoon or cafe milkshake spoon.



  1. Put the coffee and spices and honey in your French press. Say your initial Eshu greeting as you do this. Remember to taste the honey a little even though this offering is for Eshu. Honey is still sweet because of Oshun.
  2. Boil your water.
  3. While the water is still bubbling, pour it over the coffee and spices while stirring well.
  4. Continue stirring until thee coffee and spices are well distributed, and there is a good “crema” of foam on the top.
  5. Place the plunger on top and have it ready, but let the coffee set for 6 minutes. While you are at this, you can say your Eshu prayers and praises.
  6. Press the plunger down with 3 “Ashe!”.
  7. Pour the coffee into three glasses. This is the time to add the coconut cream if you like.
  8. Let the coffee cool enough to touch the glasses comfortably and safely before offering.

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