05 the Holy Nile (Hymn for Hapi) [feat. Lyre Michael Levy]

THE EPIC OF THEBES (Story of Passion and War)
Music by: REMON SAKR

Musicians: – Alessandra J Amedeo on violin,
Jramo Motta on Oboe and Pipes – Inni Siriani Choir,
Suono Dal Paradisio Choir –
Michael Levy on Lyre –
Jan Abadier on Cello,
Remon Sakr On Recorder, Pentatonic flute, Duduk, Medieval Pampo Flute and Vocal. – HeartBeat Choir

Audio Engineers: – Recording: Maurizio Paolo, Pietro Morricone –
Mixing: Maurizio Paolo, Remon Sakr –
Mastering: Michael Abdel Malek
Cover and posters desginer: Abanoub M Habeeb
Producer: Horus Records EGY

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