Money House Blessing Spray With TTS

Arden made some of this recipe Money House Blessing spray is a fruity, mildly floral, pleasant concoction meant to draw money to one’s household or business. There are many recipes for it, and it also comes in a standard aerosol spray available in many botanicas. This is my personal recipe with ingredients outlined by my teachers, with a couple extra boosts that I found useful, and that make it more precise for the household. Try it out for yourself.



  • Jar, for steeping
  • Spray bottle
  • strainer





  1. Add all the ingredients to a jar.
  2. Let this steep for at least a week in a cool dark place.
  3. Strain and put the liquid in a spray bottle.
  4. Consecrate according to your tradition.



The leavings can be dried and used as ingredients for money charms.

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