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Auset Profile ImageAuset.net is a site where people can post their sacred recipes. So much gets shared around that it’s easy to lose track of things, especially where they came from. So I decided to make a site where not only could people share, but they could refer to their sources. At the moment, to prevent spam, authors need to register by sending me an email. Write me at sister@soulmindbody.net. Though recipes themselves can’t be copyrighted, all the notes and descriptions can, so you retain all rights to your intellectual property. Because these are sacred recipes, we won’t even keep your content if you decide to leave. You can download it and take it wherever you go.

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This site is protected by aggressive psychospiritual forces. Please be courteous and give proper attribution, credit, and royalties where appropriate if you republish any of this content. Failure to do so may result in very dire consequences. If you are suffering any of said consequences because you or someone you are associated with has stolen from me, please write me to apologize and receive instructions for cleansing. Ashe!

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