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  • 5 Milks Macaroni and Cheese for Oshun |
    This is a recipe for macaroni and cheese that uses five kinds of milk products. It follows along the tradition of doing things for Oshun involving multiples of 5, one of her sacred numbers. It is based on a very rich bechamel cheese sauce. If it’s available, you want to use a medium to sharp ...
  • A long-lost branch of the Nile helped in building Egypt’s pyramids – Scientists Say – Arkeonews
    The recent Wadi al-Jarf papyri discoveries, which document contemporary Nile boat transport of stone blocks for pyramid construction from the cliffs opposite Giza and from the Red Sea, have helped to solve some of the mysteries surrounding those pyramid constructions.The discovery of a trove of papyrus fragments at the site of an ancient harbor near ...
  • Ancient Kemetic Meditation Music
    Ancient Kemetic Meditation Music by Shari Plaza Like and Subscribe!
  • Ancient Nubians drank beer laced with antibiotics
    People have been using antibiotics for nearly 2,000 years, suggests a new study, which found large doses of tetracycline embedded in the bones of ancient African mummies.What’s more, they probably got it through beer, and just about everyone appears to have drank it consistently throughout their lifetimes, beginning early in childhood.While the modern age of ...
  • Black American cooks preserve the legacy of fried okra, while adding their own flavor | The Seattle Times
    For the born-and-bred Southerner, few culinary experiences rival the intense satisfaction of biting into perfectly fried okra.“Whether it was at Sunday dinner, in a cafeteria or in a restaurant, a meal simply wasn’t complete without fried okra,” said Marcus Davis, who owns Kulture, a Southern restaurant in his native Houston, where Black food takes center ...
  • Eshu Chicken
    This is a recipe for making suitable chicken as a food offering for Eshu and other similar deities and spirits. Traditions vary, and there are many ways of making it. It is said that Eshu multiplies himself and that everyone has their own Eshu. In addition, Eshu lives in every doorway, border, corner, and ...
  • Eshu Coffee : French Press Method
    The usual disclaimers come with this one. Everyone has their own Eshu, and each has his own specific demands. Some Eshu are even female as Ayizan, and for some Ayizan is his wife or twin. Customs and individual needs vary. So please feel free to adjust this recipe to your own needs. French press method ...
  • Funeral Beef |
    This is a beef dish commonly served at funerals in Israel. It seems to be the standard regardless of religion, and upon deeper examination, makes sense. Aside of the fact that people need sustenance even while grieving, the spirits that would be attracted to it are protective and nurturing angels. When emotions are intense sadness and ...
  • Giant Oshun Cocktail – With Voice Instructions
    There are times when one has a lot of Oshun work to do. In order to make sure everybody’s concerns are given due attention, I may have to combine ceremony, but I do not skimp on offerings. So when part of the offering is a cocktail, I make a lot at once. I have three ...
  • Hello world and Dedication
    Eshu Elegbara! Master of the Gate between the Orun and the Aye! Thank you for granting us another day of life and fortune! Eshu Elegbara! Master of fortune and misfortune! Thank you for the food and nourishment that we have and that we share! May we have enough and gain enough to share further to feed our ...
  • How Libation is Done in Ancient Egypt and West Africa. ” Exploring the Science of Libation Pouring”. – YouTube
    In This Video,I did an explanation about the phenomenon of Libation pouring in African Spirituality.I talked about why it is done and how it is done and the differences and similarities between the process in Ancient Egypt and Ancient/modern West Africa.Enjoy
  • How to Appease The Ancestors in African Spirituality. – YouTube
    In This Video,I talked about how to prepare a food offering to appease our African Ancestors and why it is necessary and the type of food that we normally give to them and the process involved.Enjoy.
  • How to Create a Powerful Money Attraction Jar Spell for Your Altar.
    In This Video,I talked about how you can create a Very Simple Powerful Money Attraction Magnet Jar Spell for your Altar.Enjoy
  • How to Give Offerings to Sea & River Deities the Right Way. – YouTube
    In this Video,I talked about how to properly give offerings to Water Deities.The Correct procedures.What to do and what not to do.Enjoy.
  • How to Perform West African Prosperity Ritual Party The Right Way. aka (SARA or OWANBEL) – YouTube
    In this Video,I talked about the Proper way of performing The West Party Prosperity Rite Popularly called SARA or OWANBEL.I mention 4 Rules you must follow if you want to obtain the full blessings of such parties.
  • Mejadera-roni for Dagon |
    It’s a starch on a starch with lentils and onions. Mixed grain dishes were a good offering to agricultural fertility deities such as Dagon, as well as good ways to use up leftovers that wouldn’t make a full meal by themselves. It also comes out pretty tasty. This is a fast, light, and tasty ...
  • New Meroitic Inspired Art by Nicole T. Lasher (Nefertaueret)
    Here is some art I’ve drawn over the past two months. Credit where it’s due, I had some help with the colors and layout from Dawn AI. Before you get too excited, there are things the machine can do and things it can’t. Be very specific, and expect to do a lot of redrawing. ...
  • Ochinchin for Oshun
    I’ve seen all sorts in terms of recipes for ochinchin. I think some make a kind of a joke of seeing what sort of mess they can get people to serve Oshun. Indeed there are many recipes, but all of the ones I know that are real are not only edible but delicious. It is ...
  • Offering Plates or Stiff and Chewy Flatbread
    When we dispatch offerings outdoors, we try not to do undue damage to the environment. Paper and cardboard as well as bamboo and large leaves are often used as offering plates. A big flatbread is another option. This recipe is for a dough that once grilled in a frying pan, becomes stiff and chewy. ...
  • Oya’s Skirt Eggplant in Red Sauce
    This dish is very not traditionally African, but it is seen around the diaspora from time to time as an offering to Oya. It’s suspected from the tomatoes and beans that the sauce part of this may have originally been something given to a local Mesoamerican or South American storm deity. We don’t know. ...
  • The Papyrus Of Ani – Egyptian Book Of The Dead – esoteric audiobook with text and music – YouTube
    The Papyrus Of Ani – Egyptian Book Of The Dead – esoteric audiobook with text and music. The Papyrus of Ani is a papyrus manuscript in the form of a scroll with cursive hieroglyphs and color illustrations that was created c. 1250 BCE, during the Nineteenth Dynasty of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt.
  • The Uses of Florida Water in African Spirituality & How to Make Yours. – YouTube
    In This Video,I talked about The Spiritual Product called Florida Water aka “Aqua de Florida”Its Origin,History,Composition and its Many Uses or Applications in African Spirituality and other Spiritual Systems.Enjoy.
  • What to do with Liquids,Foods and Left Over offerings from your Altar. – YouTube
    This Video talks about how to properly dispose of left over offerings from your Altar or how to utilize them.Enjoy
  • What to Do with The Altar of a Late Relative or Spiritualist. – YouTube
    In This Video,I talked about what you should do in case a Close friend or Relative past away and left behind a Shrine or Spiritual Altar.I talked about the Dos and Don ts in this kind of situation and The Best way to handle it.Enjoy
  • Why the Dead Need Water
    In This Video,I try to explain why our Late Ancestors or Deities needs water or liquids to be offered to them and what there use it for and why it is important to be giving it to them from time to time.Enjoy Join this channel to get access to Deep African Spiritual Practices…
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