Funeral Beef |

Funeral Beef with 5 Milks Macaroni and Cheese in the background

This is a beef dish commonly served at funerals in Israel. It seems to be the standard regardless of religion, and upon deeper examination, makes sense. Aside of the fact that people need sustenance even while grieving, the spirits that would be attracted to it are protective and nurturing angels….

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What to do with Liquids,Foods and Left Over offerings from your Altar. – YouTube

This Video talks about how to properly dispose of left over offerings from your Altar or how to utilize them.Enjoy To learn more, take my Master Classes in AfroScientific Spiriituality. The 2 rd Edition of my Book Titled “The Interrelationship Between the Evil Forest and Negative Space in Quantum Physics…

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How to Appease The Ancestors in African Spirituality. – YouTube

In This Video,I talked about how to prepare a food offering to appease our African Ancestors and why it is necessary and the type of food that we normally give to them and the process involved.Enjoy. To learn more, take my Master Classes in AfroScientific Spiriituality. The 2 rd Edition…

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What to Do with The Altar of a Late Relative or Spiritualist. – YouTube

In This Video,I talked about what you should do in case a Close friend or Relative past away and left behind a Shrine or Spiritual Altar.I talked about the Dos and Don ts in this kind of situation and The Best way to handle it.Enjoy To learn more, take my…

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Why the Dead Need Water

Efe West

In This Video,I try to explain why our Late Ancestors or Deities needs water or liquids to be offered to them and what there use it for and why it is important to be giving it to them from time to time.Enjoy Join this channel to get access to Deep…

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