[Watch] HALVA Recipe | Mourning Traditions | How Food Helps Us Cope with Loss l 5 Stages of Grief – Refika’s Kitchen

Hello everyone! Three and a half weeks after the earthquake, we are back in our kitchen. Turkiye has faced maybe one of the biggest catastrophes of last century, in which we have officially lost more than 40K country citizen. (Predicted number of total deaths in this event might be above…

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Funeral Beef | Auset.net

Funeral Beef with 5 Milks Macaroni and Cheese in the background

This is a beef dish commonly served at funerals in Israel. It seems to be the standard regardless of religion, and upon deeper examination, makes sense. Aside of the fact that people need sustenance even while grieving, the spirits that would be attracted to it are protective and nurturing angels….

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5 Milks Macaroni and Cheese for Oshun | Auset.net

5 Milks Mac and Cheese

This is a recipe for macaroni and cheese that uses five kinds of milk products. It follows along the tradition of doing things for Oshun involving multiples of 5, one of her sacred numbers. It is based on a very rich bechamel cheese sauce. If it’s available, you want to…

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