Biodegradable Offering Plates or Stiff and Chewy Flatbread

Biodegradable Offering Plates

Yum Categories: ADTS Holiday Foods, Bread, Deities Honored Spirits and Ancestors Courses: Bread, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Offerings Cuisines: African, African Diaspora Season: All When we dispatch offerings outdoors, we try not to do undue damage to the environment. Paper and cardboard as well as bamboo and large leaves are often…

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Eshu Chicken

3 chickens for Eshu

Yum Categories: African Diaspora Maizeland, Food Offerings Tags: eshu, eshu chicken, eshu chicken recipe, esu, esu chicken, recipe Courses: Dinner, Lunch, Offerings Cuisines: African, Diaspora, Easy 🔊 Listen to Post This is a recipe for making suitable chicken as a food offering for Eshu and other similar deities and spirits….

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