A long-lost branch of the Nile helped in building Egypt’s pyramids – Scientists Say – Arkeonews

The recent Wadi al-Jarf papyri discoveries, which document contemporary Nile boat transport of stone blocks for pyramid construction from the cliffs opposite Giza and from the Red Sea, have helped to solve some of the mysteries surrounding those pyramid constructions.The discovery of a trove of papyrus fragments at the site…

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Black American cooks preserve the legacy of fried okra, while adding their own flavor | The Seattle Times

For the born-and-bred Southerner, few culinary experiences rival the intense satisfaction of biting into perfectly fried okra.“Whether it was at Sunday dinner, in a cafeteria or in a restaurant, a meal simply wasn’t complete without fried okra,” said Marcus Davis, who owns Kulture, a Southern restaurant in his native Houston,…

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Ancient Kemetic Meditation Music

Ancient Kemetic Meditation Music by Shari Plaza Like and Subscribe! ©2022 Auset.Net and Respective Authors This site is protected by aggressive psychospiritual forces. Please be courteous and give proper attribution, credit, and royalties where appropriate if you republish any of this content. Failure to do so may result in very…

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Giant Oshun Cocktail – With Voice Instructions

Giant Oshun Cocktail

There are times when one has a lot of Oshun work to do. In order to make sure everybody’s concerns are given due attention, I may have to combine ceremony, but I do not skimp on offerings. So when part of the offering is a cocktail, I make a lot…

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Mejadera-roni for Dagon | Auset.net

Mejadera-roni, a dish of rice, vermicelli, lentils, and onions

It’s a starch on a starch with lentils and onions. Mixed grain dishes were a good offering to agricultural fertility deities such as Dagon, as well as good ways to use up leftovers that wouldn’t make a full meal by themselves. It also comes out pretty tasty. This is a…

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Funeral Beef | Auset.net

Funeral Beef with 5 Milks Macaroni and Cheese in the background

This is a beef dish commonly served at funerals in Israel. It seems to be the standard regardless of religion, and upon deeper examination, makes sense. Aside of the fact that people need sustenance even while grieving, the spirits that would be attracted to it are protective and nurturing angels….

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The Papyrus Of Ani – Egyptian Book Of The Dead – esoteric audiobook with text and music – YouTube

Papyrus of Ani

The Papyrus Of Ani – Egyptian Book Of The Dead – esoteric audiobook with text and music. The Papyrus of Ani is a papyrus manuscript in the form of a scroll with cursive hieroglyphs and color illustrations that was created c. 1250 BCE, during the Nineteenth Dynasty of the New…

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How to Create a Powerful Money Attraction Jar Spell for Your Altar.

money jar spell

In This Video,I talked about how you can create a Very Simple Powerful Money Attraction Magnet Jar Spell for your Altar.Enjoy To learn more, take my Master Classes in AfroScientific Spiriituality. The 2 rd Edition of my Book Titled “The Interrelationship Between the Evil Forest and Negative Space in Quantum…

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