Mejadera-roni for Dagon

Mejadera-roni, a dish of rice, vermicelli, lentils, and onions

Yum Categories: Grains and Pulses, Ilhm, Nubian Kemetic Tags: ashera, asherah, ashurah, astar, astareth, astarte, baal, dagon, el, elohim, ester, esther, fall, fertility, harvest, ilhm, iluhim, istar, spring, virility, yhwh Courses: Dinner, Lunch, Offerings Cuisines: Levantine, North African Seasons: All, Fall, Spring It’s a starch on a starch with lentils…

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Funeral Beef |

Funeral Beef with 5 Milks Macaroni and Cheese in the background

This is a beef dish commonly served at funerals in Israel. It seems to be the standard regardless of religion, and upon deeper examination, makes sense. Aside of the fact that people need sustenance even while grieving, the spirits that would be attracted to it are protective and nurturing angels….

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